Test & Inspect

Surface Pro Group offers a wide range of testing and inspections services in accordance with the recent changes to AS4422 and AS4685.

The recent changes put more emphasis on the installers, owners and operators of playground equipment and facilities to undertake improved testing and inspection programs

At Surface Pro we are able to provide Independent test and inspection programs tailored to your needs to comply with the regulatory requirements of the standards.

Using the latest Triax 2015 surface impact attenuation equipment we offer on site and laboratory drop testing of all Softfall mediums and can provide operational, quarterly and Annual Comprehensive Playground inspections undertaken by level 3 playground inspectors.

Detailed reports are provided to the client detailing Risk Assessment rating in line with a Risk matrix as well as reporting the Identified Compliance Issues and providing recommendations to rectify the items.

Long term and fixed price service agreements provide clients with peace of mind that the areas are tested cost effectively and in accordance with the required frequency and relevant standards.


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  • On site drop testing- Triax 2015
  • AS-4422 compliance drop testing
  • AS-4685 Compliance drop testing
  • Softfall impact attenuation testing
  • Wet Pour Rubber attenuation testing
  • Laboratory testing of Materials
  • Risk assessment
  • Comprehensive playground inspections
  • Level 3 Playground inspectors
  • Fixed price service agreements
  • Fast and Efficient service
  • Electronic reporting